Ambassadors Program

The Starknet Foundation Ambassador Program is a unique initiative designed with a mission to decentralize and amplify the knowledge of Starknet on a global scale. 

The objective of this program is to identify and engage with exceptional Starknet community members worldwide who are poised to bring about a significant transformation in the blockchain ecosystem.

The ambassador program revolves around four core attributes:

Organizing Events - The ambassadors are encouraged to initiate, coordinate, and execute impactful events that can boost awareness about Starknet and foster community engagement.

Speaking at Events - Ambassadors can represent Starknet at local and international events, forums, and conferences, discussing the latest updates, breakthroughs, and possibilities that Starknet offers.

Generating Content - Ambassadors play a crucial role in creating engaging content across various platforms - blogs, podcasts, videos, and social media - to ensure Starknet’s vision and advancements reach a wider audience.

Grant Disbursement - Starknet ambassadors are entrusted with the responsibility of identifying and granting funds to promising, upcoming developers who are striving to make a difference in the decentralized world with their innovations.

The onboarding committee has assigned several individuals to commence this journey as founding ambassadors. Each ambassador will be granted a tenure of three months, which is extendable based on their contribution and engagement. 

Join this exciting endeavor, and let’s redefine the future with Starknet!

Meet the ambassadors


Exploration lead at StarkWare

Content generatorEvent speaker

Briyan Cessac

CEO & Co-founder of Screenshot Labs

Event organizerEvent speakerContent generator



Event organizerEvent speaker

Crypto Gurkha

Content Creator - Team Gurkha

Event organizerEvent speakerContent generator

Davide Silva

Software engineer at Subvisual

Event organizerEvent speakerContent generator

Giwook Han

CTO of Door Labs

Event organizerEvent speaker


Co-founder of Topology

Event speakerContent generator


Dev advocate lead at Starkware

Event organizerEvent speakerContent generator

Jonathan Lei

Co-founder & CTO at zkLend

Event speaker


Contributor of BibliothecaDAO & Dojo

Event speakerContent generator


Head of Growth at MatchboxDAO

Event organizerEvent speakerContent generator


Content Creator and Community Builder

Content generator

Peteris Erins

Founder at Yagi

Content generator


Developer at Snapshot

Event organizer


Founder at Least Imperfect Pte Ltd

Event speaker


Content creator

Content generator


Co-founder at briqNFT

Event speaker


Guild Master

Event organizerEvent speaker

Trang Nguyen

Engineer at Web3 Space

Content generatorEvent speaker

Yaman can

Co-founder of & incLabs

Event organizer