Apibara Integrations with Francesco Ceccon


  • dApps
  • Data
  • Open source

Apibara DNA is an open-source tool to stream on-chain data.
Apibara are now launching integrations to quickly send Starknet data where it’s needed. In the workshop they will show us what you can build using integrations and how to get started.

In the workshop we will go through how to:

  • Stream Starknet data with Apibara and store it in a Postgres database
  • Build an API that uses ChatGPT to query data

We will also learn:

  • What is Apibara DNA? How to use it?
  • What are integrations? What type of integrations exist?
  • How to use 1 or 2 integrations to build a real-world application.
  • How to contribute and add even more integrations.