Volition on Starknet Discussion

Volition presents a design proposal aimed at reducing L1 data availability costs, which currently account for over 90% of the average transaction cost on Starknet. This proposal offers developers and users the choice to select from various data availability solutions. During this workshop, we will delve into the challenges and associated risks. Our objective is to brainstorm potential design modifications that can address these issues effectively.

Rollup, Validium, Volition — Where is your data stored?

As of November 2022, StarkEx has settled over $750 billion of trading volume, and over 270m transactions on Ethereum. In the NFT space, powering apps such as ImmutableX and Sorare, StarkEx has minted over 85 million NFTs at a price that is 1000x cheaper than doing this directly on Ethereum. STARK-based technology is scaling Ethereum.