Starknet Foundry Workshop

Do you want to contribute to Starknet open-source project? Or are you a seasoned contributor looking for new areas to get involved in? During this workshop, we will introduce you to Starknet Foundry, a blazingly fast contract development tool for Starknet contracts. We will explain to you how things work under the hood, and you will get your hands on opening your first pull request.

Diving Into the Code of Stone Prover

An introduction to the StarkWare open-source prover currently being used in production for Starknet and StarkEx. This session will include a demonstration of proving and verifying a Cairo program, spill light on the high-level STARK prover architecture, describe the various modes of operation and configuration options, touch on performance and memory consumption, and spend some time strolling through the new code.

Open-Sourcing the Battle-Tested Stone Prover

StarkWare marks a pivotal moment in developing and releasing open tools for securely scaling Ethereum. StarkWare believes open-sourcing the Starknet tech stack means more collaboration, better quality, improved security, innovation, and independence. All of these values can help Starknet and Ethereum reach their full potential.

The Starknet Stack’s Growth Spurt

The Starknet Stack is in the midst of a remarkable growth spurt. We expect it to dominate the Appchain space due to its performance, security, and expressiveness. The thriving Starknet developer ecosystem, which has been driving the rapid evolution of this stack, will continue to develop it, and meet the various needs of more and more applications.

Starknet Community Call #43 | Introducing Madara – Crafting Bespoke Starknet Appchains

Built on the robust Substrate framework and fast, thanks to Rust, Madara delivers performance and scalability for Starknet-based Validity Rollup chain.

Madara is based on substrate and uses the Cairo VM and the Blockifier to execute Cairo programs and Starknet smart contracts.
It leverages the power of Cairo to make any program execution actually provable.
A prover or a prover market can ultimately listen to the blocks produced by the chain and generate proofs. Thus, a madara-chain can technically settle on any L1/L2.

STARK @ Home 30: Why Cairo 1.0?

In this session of STARK @ Home, we invited Vitalik Buterin to discuss the creation of new programming languages. We’ll review Cairo 1.0 and answer the questions of why it was created, what one should pay attention to when creating a new language, and which special features it has.