Autonomous Worlds

Discover how autonomous worlds leverage blockchain technology to create self-sustaining, decentralized virtual environments. Learn about their impact on gaming, social interactions, and digital economies, and the challenges and opportunities they present.

Starknet Foundation Launches the Propulsion Pilot Program

The Starknet Foundation introduces the Propulsion Pilot Program to accelerate the growth of blockchain games and gaming studios on Starknet Mainnet. Up to 20 selected games will receive up to $1 million each, based on their gas usage. The program includes a submission phase, review, announcement, and a 12-month execution phase for successful projects. Funding is distributed monthly, proportionate to gas consumption, with additional support for live applications. This initiative aims to promote innovation and community engagement in blockchain gaming. Interested developers can apply through the provided online form.

The Integrity verifier: A leap toward Starknet hyperscaling

Herodotus’s Integrity Verifier on Starknet allows for the verification of Cairo programs, facilitating Layer 3 scaling and reducing costs. This innovation supports the development of customizable appchains and expands possibilities for applications like storage-proof validation and zero-knowledge machine learning, enhancing scalability and functionality on the network.

Starknet’s game plan for slashing fees in 2024

Starknet is slashing transaction fees with a multi-faceted strategy, including early support for Ethereum’s EIP-4844, the introduction of Volition for data storage options, and significant cost reductions with Starknet v0.13.0. Further optimizations with the SHARP system and an early fee-reduction initiative by the Starknet Foundation underscore a commitment to affordability. These efforts aim to drastically lower fees, reinforcing Starknet’s position as a leader in Layer 2 solutions with a growing developer community.