Starknet’s game plan for slashing fees in 2024

Starknet is slashing transaction fees with a multi-faceted strategy, including early support for Ethereum’s EIP-4844, the introduction of Volition for data storage options, and significant cost reductions with Starknet v0.13.0. Further optimizations with the SHARP system and an early fee-reduction initiative by the Starknet Foundation underscore a commitment to affordability. These efforts aim to drastically lower fees, reinforcing Starknet’s position as a leader in Layer 2 solutions with a growing developer community.

Augmenting the Ethereum Rollup Stack via Shared Security

This talk highlights how re-staking and shared security can play a vital role in augmenting the rollup stack. It showcases how EigenLayer can be used to build a variety of solutions that complement the Ethereum rollup stack, including a hyperscale Data Availability layer, modular MEV management solutions, bridging solutions across rollups, decentralized sequencing, superfast settlement with high economic security.

Rollup, Validium, Volition — Where is your data stored?

As of November 2022, StarkEx has settled over $750 billion of trading volume, and over 270m transactions on Ethereum. In the NFT space, powering apps such as ImmutableX and Sorare, StarkEx has minted over 85 million NFTs at a price that is 1000x cheaper than doing this directly on Ethereum. STARK-based technology is scaling Ethereum.