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Security & audits

Secure your apps with auditing services for Starknet Smart Contracts.


Auditing Tools


OtterSec is a blockchain security company with a holistic and collaborative approach to identifying and patching critical exploits for clients before they go to market.


Beosin provides one-stop blockchain security solutions for projects on Starknet including security audit, on-chain risk monitoring and alert.



Zellic is a security research firm with deep expertise in blockchain security and cryptography, led by the best hackers in the world.

Nethermind Security

Nethermind Security is the security arm of Nethermind, providing services related to Smart Contract Audits, Formal Verification, and Real-Time Monitoring.


ChainSecurity conducts smart contract audits since 2017 and enjoys an excellent track record having secured some of the largest DeFi protocols and Web3 projects.

ConsenSys Diligence

ConsenSys is a leading smart contract auditing and blockchain security tooling for smart contract developers, auditors and web3 protocols.

Ginger Security

Fuzzinglabs is a blockchain security company specializing in vulnerability research and fuzzing, providing audit, training, and custom development services for Web3 and ZKP companies.


Extropy provides auditing, training and development services for Web3 / ZKP companies.


OpenZeppelin is a leading blockchain security company providing products and audits to trusted organizations in Web3.

Trail of Bits

Since 2012, Trail of Bits has helped secure some of the world’s most targeted organizations and products, combining high-end security research, with a real-world attacker mentality to reduce risk and fortify code.

Cairo Security Clan

Most talented Starknet auditors united to secure the Starknet ecosystem.

Security and Risk Prevention Tool


Hypernative is a real time security and risk prevention platform that helps protocols, chains and asset managers detect hacks/exploits or other custom risk before they happen.

Bug Bounty Program