The Starknet Foundation on the Road 2024

Jan 25,2024 ·

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The Starknet Foundation on the Road 2024

A roadmap of upcoming Starknet events in 2024. 

2024 marks an exciting year for the Starknet Foundation as it takes the lead in organising Hacker Houses and launching StarkCity conferences across the world. These initiatives are designed to bring together Starknet builders and the community at large, encouraging collaboration, maturing products and showcasing the best of Starknet to the world. 

This blog post will provide an overview of these upcoming events and outline our roadmap for 2024. 

Hacker House

Hacker Houses will be a four to five-day intensive offline hacking event.  Participation will be highly selective, with preference allocated to: 

  1. established teams that have a minimum viable product (MVP) or can work towards and deliver one at the Hacker House; and
  2. experienced developers that have a demonstrable history in Cairo and the Starknet ecosystem. 

Hacker Houses will feature 20-35 competing teams scored on a daily basis by established builders in Starknet acting as Mentors.  

Teams will be competing for: 

  • STRK prizes; 
  • the opportunity to present at the local StarkCity; and
  • entry into the final Hacker House of the year at DevCon. 

Participants can anticipate receiving in-person guidance and mentorship from Starknet builders and leaders.  

The primary goal of Hacker Houses is to serve as a maturation point for new developers and teams in Starknet.  Attending and winning Hacker Houses will be a pathway for developers to work their way into the core Starknet community, with support from the Foundation. 


StarkCity’s are a new one-day long conference created and organized by the Starknet Foundation. 

StarkCity will be hosted alongside canonical Ethereum events to establish a strong Starknet presence and to showcase the best of Starknet to the community. 

In collaboration with strong local teams present in the area, the Starknet Foundation will co-host the event in order to help build the brand and to hand off the IP developed during the event to the local teams to continue using in the future. 

StarkCity’s will unite Starknet builders and community members across different focal points in the world, facilitating collaboration, experimentation and socialisation in real life.  

Additionally, StarkCity’s provide a platform for Starknet builders and Hacker House winners to showcase the best of their project in front of a broader and more diverse audience.  Over the long term, the responsibility for organising these events will transition to local teams.

2024 Roadmap

The Starknet Foundation will kick start the 2024 StarkCity and Hacker House World Tour at ETHDenver! 

With the Hacker House starting from 23 – 27 February and the first StarkCity happening on the 28 of February! Tickets will be available for purchase soon!

  • If you want to apply as a hacker do it here: Apply here
  • Purchase a ticket to StarkCity Denver here:
  • Apply to be a StarkCity Denver speaker here: 

So what's next? 

  • March: StarkCity London

  • July: Hacker House Belgium and StarknetCC (hosted by Node Guardians & OnlyDust) (details TBA)

  • September: Hacker House & StarkCity expansion to two Asian cities (details TBA)

  • November: Concluding the year on a high note, a grand event is planned around DevCon in Thailand, promising a fitting closure to the series of Hacker Houses and conferences!

Stepping into the new year, the Starknet Foundation is preparing for a series of events that align with its global mission to promote Starknet.  Upcoming blog posts will progressively reveal information about upcoming events!  Stay tuned for more.

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