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Starknet Improvement Proposals (SNIPs)

What are SNIPs?

Starknet Improvement Proposals (SNIPs) are structured documents that propose new features, enhancements, or standards for Starknet. These documents contain detailed technical specifications for the proposed changes and serve as a reference for the Starknet community. There are different types of SNIPs corresponding to the part of the stack it wishes to affect.

For example, a SNIP may introduce a new feature of the protocol or may define a new token standard. For more information about the different types of SNIPs and about the end-to-end lifetime of a SNIP, see SNIP-1. All SNIPs are proposed, modified, and tracked in a GitHub repository.

Broader discussions around a specific SNIP happen in the community forum.

Who can contribute?

Anyone can create a SNIP. To be officially tracked, a SNIP has to follow precise syntactical requirements and have a reasonable motivation behind it. The formatting guidelines can be found in SNIP-1. The author of a SNIP is also its champion: it is their responsibility to engage in discussions with the community and to reach the necessary consensus for adoption.

SNIP Editors

Editors are members of the community, or of StarkWare, who are responsible for the administrative process of a SNIP such as upholding the basic formatting standards and maintaining the SNIP repository. In the current centralized stage of Starknet, editors are also responsible for gathering the opinions of the core teams at StarkWare for proposals that wish to change the protocol. The current editors (with their GitHub handles) are:


  • You can open a thread in the community forum or ask in the Starknet Discord.

  • It’s always a good idea to first gauge the ecosystem’s interest in your idea. Then, to submit the SNIP, open a PR in the SNIP repository. An editor will review its structure and merge it with the main branch. You should also open a thread in the community forum for technical discussion about your proposal. For more information on the end-to-end process, take a look at SNIP-1.

  • If you already opened a thread in the community forum about your proposal, please tag one of the editors there. If you haven’t opened a thread yet, you should!

  • If you haven’t already opened a thread in the community forum about your proposal, please open it. Then tag one or more editors and ask to move your SNIP status to “Final Call”. The editors will review your request and gauge the consensus around the proposal.