v3 transactions

STAGE: Completed

On mainnet

This version introduces the following changes:

In addition to ETH, users will be able to pay transaction fees in STRK using the new transaction type – transaction v3.

In addition to fee payment in STRK, v3 transactions are structured to support several upcoming features detailed below.

IMPORTANT While V3 transactions will support the following features, not all the features that they will support will be available in Starknet V0.13.0.

  • fee market, starting with Starknet v0.14.0, to enable users to optimize their transaction process by the network during periods of congestion.
  • paymaster mechanism, to enable entities other than the transaction sender to pay transaction fees.
  • Account deployment will take place with an account’s initial Invoke or Declare transaction.
  • Volition mode, for reducing data availability costs.
  • Nonce generalization, enabling users to send multiple transactions simultaneously by specifying different channels for different transactions.

For more information, see SNIP 8: Transaction V3 Structure.