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Starknet’s Roadmap

Starknet is enhancing its network in response to community feedback, focusing on improved performance, lower fees, and fewer version updates. The roadmap includes advancements like parallel transactions and Cairo-native integration, aimed at significantly increasing throughput while reducing fees.

StarkGate 2.0 Version Update

StarkGate 2.0 enhances the connection between Starknet and Ethereum, offering upgraded security and improved usability. This new version introduces functionalities such as one-click withdrawals, permissionless token additions, and smart deposits to facilitate easier transactions. The community is invited to provide its input to contribute to StarkGate’s continuous improvement, further enhancing blockchain integration with these new features.

Checking your eligibility to receive Starknet Provisions

Checking your eligibility for Provisions is possible by using the Provisions portal at Make sure you follow the correct URL, and beware of scams. Prerequisites You need a Starknet wallet to claim your STRK through the Provisions portal. If you have a Starknet wallet, make sure you have the latest version installed and that … Read more

Open-Sourcing the Battle-Tested Stone Prover

StarkWare marks a pivotal moment in developing and releasing open tools for securely scaling Ethereum. StarkWare believes open-sourcing the Starknet tech stack means more collaboration, better quality, improved security, innovation, and independence. All of these values can help Starknet and Ethereum reach their full potential.

Starknet Quantum Leap: Major Throughput Improvements are Here!

Starknet Alpha V0.12.0 focuses on enhancing performance and user experience. The new version introduces a Rust-based implementation of the Sequencer, improving throughput by 10X and reducing transaction latency. Other features include a new compiler version, removal of the pending transaction status, and the addition of a block hash syscall.