Announcing the Seed Grant Program

Today, the Starknet Foundation is excited to announce the launch of our Seed Grant Program. Designed to provide teams with grants of up to $25,000 USDC, the Seed Grant Program will accelerate and usher in a new wave of cutting-edge dApps, infrastructure, and tooling products across all categories in Web3. Who can qualify? The Seed … Read more

Starknet Foundation Launches the Propulsion Pilot Program

The Starknet Foundation introduces the Propulsion Pilot Program to accelerate the growth of blockchain games and gaming studios on Starknet Mainnet. Up to 20 selected games will receive up to $1 million each, based on their gas usage. The program includes a submission phase, review, announcement, and a 12-month execution phase for successful projects. Funding is distributed monthly, proportionate to gas consumption, with additional support for live applications. This initiative aims to promote innovation and community engagement in blockchain gaming. Interested developers can apply through the provided online form.

Gaming Committee Launch – Advancing Starknet’s Gaming Ecosystem

The Starknet Foundation is excited to announce the formation of its Gaming Committee. Comprised of six experts, the Committee’s mandate is to promote the growth of gaming on Starknet.  The Gaming Committee Role The Gaming Committee’s role is to analyze, strategize, and recommend programs to expand Starknet’s gaming ecosystem. Its success will be measured by … Read more

Starknet Builders’ Council Modus Operandi

Starknet’s Builders’ Council was established on December 5th, 2022, as an integral component of the 1st Phase of Starknet Governance. It stands as an assembly of Starknet builders deeply committed to making well-informed technical decisions that will support and maintain Starknet and its ecosystem. As of August 29th, 2023, the Builders Council has been entrusted … Read more

Introducing: The Starknet Foundation Ecosystem Onboarding Committee

In March, the Starknet Foundation announced the appointment of five committees, each entrusted with a specific mandate that aligns with Starknet’s mission and priorities. This post will expand on explaining the mandate of the Ecosystem Onboarding Committee (EOC), and the steps to achieve its goals. Background The Ecosystem Onboarding Committee was formed to onboard new … Read more