Influence: Live on Mainnet

Influence hits Mainnet

Immerse yourself in an autonomous world where players vie for dominance and control in the Adalian asteroid belt. Learn about playing the game, upcoming events and rewards, and be prepared for launch! Unstoppable Games, Inc. was one of the earliest teams to commit to Starknet in 2021. Now, their fully onchain space strategy MMO, Influence, … Read more

Dojo 1.0 and Starknet Gaming

Our focus for today’s discussion is all about Dojo 1.0 and Starknet gaming. We will discuss in detail what Dojo is and its stack, the upcoming release of Dojo 1.0, and how to get involved within the community. We’re excited to have Tarrance, the Co-Founder and CEO of Cartridge and Core Developer on Dojo, as … Read more

Live Game Demo with Influence

Live Game Demo with Influence

Explore the world of Influence, a groundbreaking on-chain game that stands as a leading Autonomous World on Starknet. Here, you have the freedom to craft your own tools and carve out your own path, opening up endless possibilities in the realm of on-chain gaming.


Hello, everyone. Welcome to a special Stark Space live demo. I’m Robert, a developer advocate at the StarkNet Foundation, and joining me is David Barreto, also a developer advocate at the StarkNet Foundation. Together, we will be your hosts for today’s event, and we’re extremely excited to have the Influence team as our invited speaker for the session. We have Jean-Paul, the founding member of Influence, and Protoplanetary, a game designer at Influence. Our focus for today’s discussion is all about Influence, where we’ll discuss in detail what is Influence, how to get started, and some of the game mechanics. For our viewers, if you have any questions, feel free to drop them into the YouTube chat section, or on Twitter or X, and we’ll do our best to address them. Welcome, Jean-Paul, Protoplanetary, and David. How are you guys doing?