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Starknet Alpha v0.12.0

StarkWare and Lambda Class will present to the builders council and delegates Starknet new version in preparation for the upcoming vote.
An open discussion regarding Starknet Alpha v0.12.0 version upgrade.
And an in-depth explanation of all the new features of the upcoming version.

How Sierra prevents DOS in Starknet

Sierra is an IR between Cairo 1.0 and Cairo assembly. In this talk, Ariel, AKA @FeedTheFed explains the completeness problem in the context of Starknet and how an IR between user code and proven code can solve it. We’ll also discuss other benefits of such an IR, such as gas metering and separation between execution and proving environments.

Starknet Community Call #43 | Introducing Madara – Crafting Bespoke Starknet Appchains

Built on the robust Substrate framework and fast, thanks to Rust, Madara delivers performance and scalability for Starknet-based Validity Rollup chain.

Madara is based on substrate and uses the Cairo VM and the Blockifier to execute Cairo programs and Starknet smart contracts.
It leverages the power of Cairo to make any program execution actually provable.
A prover or a prover market can ultimately listen to the blocks produced by the chain and generate proofs. Thus, a madara-chain can technically settle on any L1/L2.