Starknet’s Monthly Roundup: June 2024

Starknet’s Monthly Roundup June 2024

Starknet over Bitcoin: A game-changer in scaling StarkWare has a vision to scale Bitcoin using STARK proofs. This will make Starknet the first Layer 2 to scale both Ethereum and Bitcoin simultaneously. However, there’s a catch: Implementing this requires the adoption of OP_CAT, a Bitcoin Improvement Proposal. StarkWare and other key players are gearing up … Read more

DeFi Spring Program 2.0

DeFi Spring Program

Following on the success of the first round of our DeFi Spring program, the Starknet Foundation has decided to extend the program and offer a new allocation budget to continue to grow the DeFi ecosystem. The DeFi Spring program functions by helping DeFi projects bootstrap their go-to-market efforts by providing additional yield (subsidized by the … Read more

Influence: Live on Mainnet

Influence hits Mainnet

Immerse yourself in an autonomous world where players vie for dominance and control in the Adalian asteroid belt. Learn about playing the game, upcoming events and rewards, and be prepared for launch! Unstoppable Games, Inc. was one of the earliest teams to commit to Starknet in 2021. Now, their fully onchain space strategy MMO, Influence, … Read more

Blobstream Starknet with Celestia

Join us for a discussion on the latest developments in Blobstream-Starknet 1.0. This version introduces features enabling data root verification from L1 using Herodotus storage proofs. We will also explore upcoming versions and potential architectures.


Ben Goebel:
All right, we are live now. We’re just going to make sure that all of our technical facilities are up and running. I’m going to do a quick check on Twitter to make sure I can hear me. Okay. Check. Check. Okay. And it looks like Twitter now does have video, which I didn’t realize. So you guys all get to see our lovely faces. So if you’ve joined us, thanks for joining us. Today we’re going to talk about Blobstream Starknet and the milestone that the dev community of Starknet, the open source ecosystem, along with some of the exploration team members have hit. It’s been an amazing project and amazing integration with both Herodotus and Celestia. It’s been an interesting architecture to come up with, and we could talk about some of the roadblocks and snags and how we’ve moved past them.

So Blobstream Starknet itself, it’s an implementation or a re-implementation of some of the Solidity code bases on Ethereum layer one. It’s a one-way messaging bridge from Celestia to Starknet. The original way that we had conceptualized coming about this, it was about the same time that Celestia had talked about migrating fully to Blobstream X, and I’ll let Diego talk a little bit about the difference between Blobstream X and Blobstream. And so we ended up going the route of using Herodotus. So to start today off, I’d like Diego to maybe give an overview of what a traditional Celestia Rollup looks like, what it needs to commit to, and then we can talk a bit about what’s been accomplished in Blobstream. So Diego?

Dojo 1.0 and Starknet Gaming

Our focus for today’s discussion is all about Dojo 1.0 and Starknet gaming. We will discuss in detail what Dojo is and its stack, the upcoming release of Dojo 1.0, and how to get involved within the community. We’re excited to have Tarrance, the Co-Founder and CEO of Cartridge and Core Developer on Dojo, as … Read more