Gaming Committee Launch – Advancing Starknet’s Gaming Ecosystem

The Starknet Foundation is excited to announce the formation of its Gaming Committee. Comprised of six experts, the Committee’s mandate is to promote the growth of gaming on Starknet.  The Gaming Committee Role The Gaming Committee’s role is to analyze, strategize, and recommend programs to expand Starknet’s gaming ecosystem. Its success will be measured by … Read more

Shoshin – Onchain Gaming on Starknet

Let’s dive into Shoshin – an onchain game on Starknet! Learn how this asynchronous and TPS agnostic strategy crypto game allows you to train fighters to win epic battles. The game runs smoothly and quickly in your browser through the Cairo VM, with your score validated by Starknet without additional computations.

Trailblazing the Way to Building New Worlds

Starknet has positioned itself as the natural choice for those who spearhead the creation of Autonomous Worlds – the convergence of tech, gaming, decentralization, creativity, and innovation.
Come take a look at this new frontier of autonomous worlds and onchain gaming, and the features that Starknet offers which makes it so suited for this vision.

From Shadows to Light – Engineering Trust in the Carbon Market

The voluntary carbon market has long been plagued by integrity and transparency issues. But what if technology could forge a new path forward? In this conference, we delve into the revolutionary potential of blockchain and AI for enhancing traceability and accountability in Nature-based Solutions. Join us as we explore this fascinating intersection of technology and sustainability, offering a fresh perspective and tangible insights for the future of the ecosystem.

Engineering Starknet – Inside the Juno Client

Juno is a robust Starknet client built to seamlessly integrate into demanding production deployments, casual setups, and everything in between. Backed by fine-tuned optimizations and rigorous testing, Juno is prepared to lead the way on Starknet’s path to decentralization. This talk highlights the design decisions behind Juno’s performance and stability and discusses how those features benefit Starknet users.