Layer 2 scaling solutions: Enhancing blockchain scalability and efficiency

Layer 2 scaling solutions

As blockchains continue to gain traction across various industries, scalability has emerged as a critical challenge that has hindered widespread adoption. Layer 1 (L1) blockchains, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, face limitations in terms of transaction throughput and speed, leading to network congestion and high transaction fees during periods of increased usage. To address these … Read more

The Layer 2 ecosystem: Scaling blockchain for the future

Layer 2 ecosystem

Blockchain continues to gain traction, with Ethereum reaching a record 2 million daily transactions in January, 2024. Still, a lack of scalability among Layer 1 (L1) chains like Bitcoin and Ethereum hinders its widespread adoption. Enter Layer 2 (L2) solutions: a range of technologies designed to speed up transactions and cut costs, without compromising the … Read more

SmartCon 2022 | Unleashing the Power of L2 dApps

How do layer-2 environments scale blockchains, and what use cases are unlocked by reaching global scale? In this SmartCon 2022 presentation, Gai Ron, product manager and blockchain researcher at StarkWare, explores the limitations of layer-1 dApps, the advantages of layer-2-native dApps, and the path forward for StarkNet.

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