Meet the Cairo Verifier

StarkWare recently announced the creation of a new Cairo Verifier in collaboration with Herodotus, which will enable developers to create highly customizable L3 appchains on Starknet soon.

Learn more about the Cairo Verifier, why we need it, and how the verifier is technically implemented with Raz, Product Manager at StarkWare, and Marcello, CTO of Herodotus.


Raz Landau:
Hello to everyone watching us at home. I can’t see how many people are there. I see a message from Lezun, or Lizan, I don’t know how to pronounce it. But I can see [inaudible 00:00:34] and Devora. Devora is in the background monitor in the chat. And we are here to talk about the Cairo Verifier. Very exciting. But first of all, maybe Marcello, you want to introduce yourself? Nice. A hundred people watching.

​​The What’s What of the Cairo World

Delve into Starknet’s foundational elements: Cairo VM, CASM, Cairo Zero, Cairo, and Sierra. Discover their pivotal role in Layer 2 scaling, enhancing Ethereum efficiency, and advancing the developer landscape in decentralized ecosystems.

Cairo Rhymes with Diablo

Introducing Node Guardians: a public initiative designed for intermediate to experienced Cairo developers and security researchers. Engage with RPG-style coding challenges, test your abilities, and earn unique ‘soulbound’ tokens as proof of your skill. No excuses not to own Cairo now.

Recursive STARKs

Recursive proofs — powered by Cairo’s general computation — are now in production. This marks a major boost to the power of L2 scaling with STARKs. It will quickly deliver a multifold increase in the number of transactions that can be written to Ethereum via a single proof.