Influence: Live on Mainnet

Influence hits Mainnet

Immerse yourself in an autonomous world where players vie for dominance and control in the Adalian asteroid belt. Learn about playing the game, upcoming events and rewards, and be prepared for launch! Unstoppable Games, Inc. was one of the earliest teams to commit to Starknet in 2021. Now, their fully onchain space strategy MMO, Influence, … Read more

Why validity rollups are the future of blockchain

validity rollups

Ethereum is one of the greatest inventions of the last decade, opening the door to decentralized applications ranging from blockchain gaming, decentralized finance (DeFi), NFTs, and more. For these applications to truly flourish on Ethereum, and for others to be born, the network requires solutions for greater scalability—that is, much faster and much cheaper transactions. … Read more

Layer 2 scaling solutions: Enhancing blockchain scalability and efficiency

Layer 2 scaling solutions

As blockchains continue to gain traction across various industries, scalability has emerged as a critical challenge that has hindered widespread adoption. Layer 1 (L1) blockchains, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, face limitations in terms of transaction throughput and speed, leading to network congestion and high transaction fees during periods of increased usage. To address these … Read more

The Layer 2 ecosystem: Scaling blockchain for the future

Layer 2 ecosystem

Blockchain continues to gain traction, with Ethereum reaching a record 2 million daily transactions in January, 2024. Still, a lack of scalability among Layer 1 (L1) chains like Bitcoin and Ethereum hinders its widespread adoption. Enter Layer 2 (L2) solutions: a range of technologies designed to speed up transactions and cut costs, without compromising the … Read more

Dojo 1.0 and Starknet Gaming

Our focus for today’s discussion is all about Dojo 1.0 and Starknet gaming. We will discuss in detail what Dojo is and its stack, the upcoming release of Dojo 1.0, and how to get involved within the community. We’re excited to have Tarrance, the Co-Founder and CEO of Cartridge and Core Developer on Dojo, as … Read more

Meet the Cairo Verifier

StarkWare recently announced the creation of a new Cairo Verifier in collaboration with Herodotus, which will enable developers to create highly customizable L3 appchains on Starknet soon.

Learn more about the Cairo Verifier, why we need it, and how the verifier is technically implemented with Raz, Product Manager at StarkWare, and Marcello, CTO of Herodotus.


Raz Landau:
Hello to everyone watching us at home. I can’t see how many people are there. I see a message from Lezun, or Lizan, I don’t know how to pronounce it. But I can see [inaudible 00:00:34] and Devora. Devora is in the background monitor in the chat. And we are here to talk about the Cairo Verifier. Very exciting. But first of all, maybe Marcello, you want to introduce yourself? Nice. A hundred people watching.

Gamifying Cairo’s Advanced Learning

Our focus for today’s discussion is all about Gamifying Cairo’s Advanced Learning with Node Guardians, where we will discuss in detail what Node Guardians is, its journey, and a demo on how to get started. We’re excited to have Sam, who handles spells at Node Guardians, together with Hector and Bryan, high mages at Node … Read more