ecosystem background

Bridges & on-ramps

Bridge tokens between Starknet and other chains or exchanges, or exchange tokens with fiat through on-ramp services.



Bridges allow users to move assets between crypto ecosystems, such as blockchains or exchanges.


StarkGate is the official bridge between Starknet and Ethereum.


Layerswap allows users to move crypto between exchanges and layer 2s.

Orbiter Finance

Orbiter allows users to send funds across different layer 2 networks.


Rango is an ultimate cross-chain dex and bridge aggregator.

Lightning-fast secure bridge for seamless cross-chain transactions.


RetroBridge is a robust multichain ecosystem and gateway to seamless connectivity across various EVM and non-EVM chains.

Owlto Finance

Owlto Finance is a decentralized cross-rollup bridge that focuses on L2.

Chaineye Mini Bridge

Low cost bridge optimized for small transfer scenarios.

ArkProject (NFT bridge)

ArkProject is an NFT bridge that allows you to transfer Ethereum NFTs on Starknet. Bridge your Everai NFTs and complete your first ArkProject.


Fiat on-ramps are service providers that allows for the exchange of fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies.

Unlimit Crypto

Unlimit Crypto is backed by a battle-tested payments company and introduces the most comprehensive collection of Fiat-to-Crypto On & Off-Ramps for Defi, Gamefi & NFTs across the globe.


Non-custodial fiat to crypto on-ramp.


Banxa is a fiat to crypto on and off-ramp.

Onramp Money

Onramp is a fiat to crypto on and off-ramp.

Sepolia Faucets

A faucet sends small amounts of L2 Sepolia ETH/STRK to an account address on Starknet Sepolia.

Starknet Foundation faucet

Send small amounts of L2 Sepolia ETH/STRK to an account address on Starknet Sepolia.


Get test tokens through the Blast Starknet Sepolia Faucet.

Alchemy Starknet Sepolia Faucet

Get test tokens through the Alchemy Starknet Sepolia Faucet.