June 10, 2024 · Reading Time: 3 minutes Page last updated June 13, 2024

Using Ledger with Braavos

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Ledger, the industry-leading hardware wallet provider, is integrating with Braavos! This means you can now deploy Starknet accounts using your Ledger hardware wallet. Let’s dive into the details and explore what this integration means for you.

Why Is This Integration Important?

As a Ledger user, you already trust your hardware wallet to secure your crypto assets. With the new support for Starknet, you can connect your Ledger to Braavos and create a Starknet account, signing transactions directly with your Ledger device. This allows you to choose between Braavos’ biometric 2FA and 3FA security and Ledger’s cold wallet security.

Let’s get started

Download Starknet app

1. Enable developer setting in the Ledger Live app

2. Download Starknet app to your Ledger

Using Ledger with Braavos

Step 1: Open your Braavos wallet and tap the account icon at the top left.

Step 2:Tap ‘Add Ledger Account’.

Step 3: Grab your Ledger device.

Step 4: Connect your Ledger to your computer with a USB-C cable

Step 5: Enter your PIN to unlock your Ledger.

Step 6: Select ’Starknet’.

Step 7: Choose the Ledger account to add

Step 8: Enjoy Ledger on Braavos!

Since Braavos is a Smart Contract Wallet, you need to deposit funds and deploy the account before you can make a transaction.

Depositing Funds

1. Tap on ‘Receive’
2. Copy-paste your account address
3. Send funds to your Ledger account

Deploying your Ledger Account:

  1. Tap on ‘Deploy your Ledger Account’
  2. Tap on ‘Start’
  3. Tap on ‘Sign on Ledger’

4. Approve on your Ledger

5. Tap ‘Sign on Ledger & Deploy’

6. Approve on your Ledger

7. Done!