April 4, 2022 · Reading Time: 3 minutes

StarkGate Alpha

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  • The first version of StarkNet Bridge, StarkGate Alpha, is live on Testnet, and on Mainnet!
  • We await community feedback on how things can be improved. You can send your feedback for both StarkGate Testnet and StarkGate Mainnet.
  • Mainnet deployment will follow soon (update, May 9th 2022: StarkGate is live on Mainnet)

Excitement! We are thrilled to release StarkGate Alpha, the first version of StarkNet’s Bridge, now live on Goerli testnet, with Mainnet deployment to follow soon.*

*(update, May 9th 2022: StarkGate is live on Mainnet)

Important disclaimer: this is an alpha version on StarkGate Alpha (read the fine print below!).

Before you continue, go check it out! StarkGate TestnetStarkGate Mainnet

StarkGate serves as a gateway between Ethereum and StarkNet, and allows users to do everything they can expect from a bridge.

Where can I find information on how StarkGate works?

To understand how StarkGate works, read the technical documentation and take a look at the code. Note that this is the first version, and we invite your feedback and suggestions on how to improve both StarkGate Testnet and StarkGate Mainnet.

Which tokens will be supported by StarkGate?

  • StarkGate Alpha on Goerli supports ETH and a few other ERC-20 tokens. The full list and the relevant contract addresses, both on Ethereum and StarkNet, are available in this repo.
  • On Mainnet, initially, StarkGate Alpha will only support ETH to allow use of the fee mechanism. Later on, we will add support for WBTC, USDC, USDT, and DAI. You can see the relevant contract addresses in this repo.

Further down the road, we will publish the mechanism for adding support for additional tokens.

What safety limitations will StarkGate Alpha have on Mainnet?

StarkGate Alpha on Mainnet is launched with two limitations — in order to reduce the risks involved in using an Alpha version:

  1. The total value locked (TVL) in the bridge on L1 will limit the amount of each token type.
  2. The maximum amount in each transaction sent from L1 to L2 (Ethereum→StarkNet) via StarkGate will be limited.

We plan to gradually ease these limitations and lift them completely as confidence grows. The updated parameters can be found in StarkGate’s documentation.

Alpha and What It Means

As always, we remind you that StarkNet is currently in its Alpha stage:

  • Things can break. If they fail catastrophically, your funds could be lost (read the disclaimer below!).
  • Both StarkNet Alpha and StarkGate contracts can be upgraded without a timelock. While we expect to announce such upgrades well ahead of time, in the case of imminent security risks (for example, if a critical bug is found), the upgrade may be applied with little or no warning.
  • The code of the bridge, as well as portions of StarkNet Alpha, have not yet been audited. The ABDK and Nethermind audits of StarkGate Alpha will be completed soon.

We encourage all users to help improve the bridge by providing their feedback using one of the following platforms:

  1. StarkGate frontend repo
  2. StarkGate Contracts repo
  3. StarkNet Shamans

For questions and dev support, join the StarkNet discord server.


StarkNet Alpha is a new and complex system that has not been fully audited. The same applies to the StarkNet Bridge. Like all complex software systems, both StarkNet and the bridge may contain bugs that, in extreme cases, could lead to a loss of all of your funds. So, tread carefully and beware!

The StarkNet ecosystem is a large and fast-growing set of independent teams and individuals, over which StarkWare has no oversight and assumes no responsibility. Any one of the projects developed by ecosystem members may contain bugs that, in extreme cases, could lead to a loss of all your funds. Furthermore, as more smart contracts are deployed, the potential for unintended harmful bugs and even malicious scams and rug pulls increases. So, treat all smart contracts on StarkNet as you treat smart contracts on Ethereum, and use only those that you have good reason to trust as secure.