July 4, 2024 · Reading Time: 4 minutes

Starknet’s Monthly Roundup: June 2024

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Starknet over Bitcoin: A game-changer in scaling

StarkWare has a vision to scale Bitcoin using STARK proofs. This will make Starknet the first Layer 2 to scale both Ethereum and Bitcoin simultaneously. However, there’s a catch: Implementing this requires the adoption of OP_CAT, a Bitcoin Improvement Proposal. StarkWare and other key players are gearing up to push for this crucial adoption in the coming months.

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Fees on Starknet: 100x cheaper than Ethereum

Wondering how Starknet could benefit Bitcoin? Look no further than its impact on Ethereum! Transactions on Starknet are over 100 times cheaper than on Ethereum, all while preserving Ethereum’s robust security. This means users can enjoy cost-effective transactions without compromising on safety. Imagine the possibilities when this efficiency is extended to Bitcoin-it’s a whole new world of financial freedom and innovation.

Starknet fees lower than mainnet

Updated roadmap: Focusing on UX/DevX improvements

In response to extensive community feedback, Starknet has updated its roadmap with a sharp focus on UX (User Experience) and DevX (Developer Experience) improvements. The goal is to make Starknet not just powerful but also incredibly user-friendly and developer-centric. The coming months will see a flurry of enhancements aimed at making your experience smoother and more intuitive.

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Starknet updated roadmap

Hyperlane is coming to Starknet

Big news for blockchain interoperability enthusiasts: thanks to the efforts of Pragma, Hyperlane is being integrated into the Starknet ecosystem! Hyperlane is a solution that greatly facilitates blockchain interoperability, making it easier for different blockchains to communicate and work together. This integration is set to open up new avenues for collaboration and innovation within the Starknet community. Get ready for a more connected and versatile blockchain experience!

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Pyth now available for Starknet appchains

Pyth’s real-time price feeds are now available for Starknet appchain builders via Karnot! With over 500 real-time price feeds, this integration provides invaluable data for developers, enhancing the capabilities and performance of Starknet appchains. Whether you’re building a new appchain or looking to improve an existing one, Pyth’s data will be a game-changer.

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Nimbora is shipping

Exciting news for yield farmers: Nimbora has launched two new strategies, allowing users to farm simultaneously with impressive returns:

  • 29% APR: Earn Eigen Layer points, Ether Fi points, and Nimbora points.
  • 41% APR: Earn Eigen Layer points, Puffer points, and Nimbora points.

All of this is powered by Starknet, requiring just one click and costing a mere $0.002 in gas fees!

Farm on Nimbora with impressive returns.

Influence game live on Starknet mainnet

After over three years of passionate development, Influence, a fully on-chain MMO, is now live on the Starknet mainnet! This game is one of the most exciting and comprehensive fully on-chain experiences to date. With the help of Argent’s Session Key and Web Wallet, Influence offers an immersive experience comparable to traditional web2 games. Here’s what makes it special:

  • Session Keys: Allow players to interact in the game without signing a transaction for every action.
  • Web Wallet: Enables interactions on Starknet using just an email address.

Get ready to dive into a galactic adventure like no other! Read the Starter Guide to get going.

Braavos and Argent Users: Enhanced Security with Ledger

Braavos and Argent users can now enjoy enhanced security provided by Ledger directly from Starknet! Here’s how you can set it up:

With these guides, you’ll be able to easily integrate Ledger’s top-notch security into your Braavos and Argent wallets, ensuring your assets are protected with the best hardware wallet technology available.

Recipients of the Propulsion Program Foundation

The Starknet Foundation has announced the projects eligible for grants from the Propulsion Program. With a budget of $20 million, this initiative aims to accelerate gaming adoption on Starknet. 20 projects have been selected, each potentially receiving up to $1 million, depending on their gas usage on Mainnet. Here are some exciting new projects building on Starknet:

  • DOPP: A Starknet appchain focused on options trading.
  • Starkbot: A bot that allows users to trade and interact on Starknet directly from Telegram.

Plus, check out the finalists from the latest StarkHack hackathon-they might be the future stars of Starknet 👀.

New launches on mainnet

This month, four exciting projects have gone live on the Starknet mainnet:

  • Influence: The long-awaited galactic game.
  • Starkarcade: A gaming hub that launched a fully on-chain Tetris game.
  • ArkChain: A permissionless aggregated layer for digital assets, now live in its alpha version.
  • Jockiz: A fusion of horse racing and NFT gaming on StarkEx.

New projects on testnet

On the Testnet side, we have some intriguing new projects:

  • Raize Club: A prediction market
  • zKlash: A medieval auto-battler
  • Dope Wars: A recreation of the cult classic drug wars game.

That wraps up this month’s roundup! With these exciting updates and announcements. Stay tuned for more developments!