August 15, 2023 · Reading Time: 2 minutes

Introducing: The Starknet Foundation Ecosystem Onboarding Committee

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In March, the Starknet Foundation announced the appointment of five committees, each entrusted with a specific mandate that aligns with Starknet’s mission and priorities.

This post will expand on explaining the mandate of the Ecosystem Onboarding Committee (EOC), and the steps to achieve its goals.


The Ecosystem Onboarding Committee was formed to onboard new developers and ecosystem members and support them as they make their first steps in the Starknet ecosystem.

In order to plan and orchestrate, the Starknet Foundation appointed three members to the ecosystem onboarding committee. Committee members formulated the initial strategy to achieve the mandate which was then approved by the Foundation board.

  1. Discover and empower ambassadors: Discover respected and established members of the Starknet community that are committed to organizing, attending, and speaking at events, fostering community development, creating content, seeking mutually beneficial sponsorships, and persuading promising individuals and teams to build on Starknet.  Provide resources to these ambassadors to enable them to do more things at a larger scale.
  2. Empower builder with grants and resources: Provide grants and resources to individuals and organizations that are building core infrastructure, and applications on Starknet.
  3. Events: Organize and sponsor a general cadence of events and educational partnerships that further the community’s participation in Starknet’s ecosystem.

Introducing the committee members

The three members of the EOC committee come from diverse backgrounds and are selected from within the Starknet ecosystem to represent the community’s best interests. The committee members are Rohit Goyal (JediSwap), Milan Cermak (Lindy Labs), and Louis Guthman (Starkware).

Rohit Goyal: Entrepreneur, Cofounder at JediSwap. Rohit has been a big advocate for decentralization. He has been pushing the idea of permissionless work and community driven organizations with his work at JediSwap.

Milan Cermak: Builder in the Starknet ecosystem, contributing to various projects. Author of

Louis Guthman: Ecosystem lead at StarkWare, creator of ZK-Global back in 2018

To push forward the goal of expanding the Starknet ecosystem in different geographies, the ecosystem onboarding committee selected the first set of Starknet ambassadors.

Read more about the role of the Starknet Ambassador and see the full list of ambassadors here.