June 25, 2024 · Reading Time: 4 minutes

Influence: Live on Mainnet

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Immerse yourself in an autonomous world where players vie for dominance and control in the Adalian asteroid belt. Learn about playing the game, upcoming events and rewards, and be prepared for launch!

Unstoppable Games, Inc. was one of the earliest teams to commit to Starknet in 2021. Now, their fully onchain space strategy MMO, Influence, launched on June 27th, 2024, and gamers are in for a treat.

The game offers a unique blend of realistic hard science and space strategy, incorporating resource management and a robust economy. Fans of games like Eve Online, Stellaris, Crusader Kings, and Elite Dangerous will find themselves immersed in its deep, complex gameplay.

If you’re excited about exploring blockchain technology or are an avid player of strategic space games, Influence is the game to dive into. Get ready to have fun, play with friends, and experience the next generation of fully onchain gaming.

🧑‍🚀 A beginner’s guide to Influence

The guide and Wiki below are the best resources for beginners to learn the first steps in the game. Tutorials are also available on YouTube, and the Discord community is filled with helpful resources and members.

Guide to getting started in Influence →

🕹️ Choose your own path:

In Influence, players can choose their own path and focus on any assortment of actions, including:

  • Mining 22 raw materials from 11 different types of asteroids for their resources
  • Producing items through the utilization of refineries, factories, bioreactors, and shipyards
  • Constructing and expanding settlements to multiple asteroids
  • Traveling and delivering cargo in ships across the belt
  • Trading on player-driven peer-to-peer marketplaces
  • Managing and leasing lots on controlled asteroids

🎮 Gameplay

The gameplay consists of resource gathering, trade, and diplomacy. Players must make strategic decisions to expand their territories, establish trade routes, exploit resources, and build infrastructure and industries to generate wealth and influence within the game world. There are many different ways to play, but competitive play will be about finding your unique niche, whether solo or collaborative, and working to control your slice of the economy within Adalia.

Ever-evolving emergent gameplay

Influence is an intensely strategic game where actions have heavy impact and the player always has an abundance of choice. Players control a set of Crewmates, within one or multiple crews, consisting of five primary classes: Miner, Merchant, Engineer, Scientist, and Pilot. You can compose your crew of any combination of these classes, and from there your adventure begins.

Realistic orbital mechanics & physics

The game’s setting is within a realistic asteroid belt, where each asteroid has unique orbital mechanics that guide their orbit around the star Adalia in real time, compelling players to make strategic decisions about when and where to travel within the game depending on the current or future positioning of these asteroids.

Scientifically-based production chains

There are nearly 200 individual player-crafted goods, from ship hulls and electronics to extractors and warehouses. Each will require potentially tens of processes to refine, manufacture, and craft. These have all been modeled from reality, with considerations to ensuring fun gameplay. (You don’t need a degree in mechanical, electrical or chemical engineering to play, but it may help!)

Player-driven marketplaces and supply chains

The realism expands as players will need to organize and collaborate on where to mine particular resources, how to deliver goods across the belt in their ships, and where to place liquid marketplaces to supply the demand of the other players. This leads players to be able to find opportunities anywhere.


Influence is a sandbox environment, it’s non-linear, and the story you play is not predetermined. In addition to this, Influence is a persistent and onchain world, giving your characters and game items permanence, as they all live on public blockchain infrastructure. This allows the game to be continued regardless of the studio’s upkeep, and since all actions are onchain, players have deep insight and access to all game actions taken. We will see stories of economic war, sabotage, espionage, empires rise, empires fall, and it will all be onchain for everyone to utilize how they want.

💰Events, rewards, and grants

At launch on June 27th, players will dive into the world of Adalia and start working alongside thousands of others to expand the initial colony and explore new territories. As a new colonist, it’s risky out there in the belt and you’ll be learning everything on the fly. To offer a helping hand in the beginning, players will be able to compete and collaborate to earn SWAY, the currency of Adalia used in Influence.

Learn more about in-game events and rewards →

The big picture

Influence has been one of the most focused and long-term builders on Starknet and has the potential to resonate with both traditional gamers and blockchain enthusiasts, all while being fully onchain. By leveraging Starknet technology, Influence offers the usability of traditional web2 games while maintaining a fully onchain infrastructure.

Starknet offers the essential components and unique tools for onchain games, like Influence, to thrive in the blockchain space, and to deliver on dreams of players unconstrained by the original developers. The Starknet community is excited to see games like Influence embrace the fully onchain philosophy and fully supports Unstoppable Games in this endeavor.

Next steps 🫡

Prepare for launch: