March 11, 2024 · Reading Time: < 1 minute

Gaming Committee Launch – Advancing Starknet’s Gaming Ecosystem

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The Starknet Foundation is excited to announce the formation of its Gaming Committee. Comprised of six experts, the Committee’s mandate is to promote the growth of gaming on Starknet.

The Gaming Committee


The Gaming Committee’s role is to analyze, strategize, and recommend programs to expand Starknet’s gaming ecosystem. Its success will be measured by usage metrics like daily active users, retention rates, and revenue.


Gaming is critical to driving blockchain adoption. Starknet’s high performance and low cost makes it an ideal platform for next-generation games. The Committee recognizes this potential and will focus on realizing it.


Appointed by the Starknet Foundation Board, the Gaming Committee consists of:

  1. Henri Lieutaud, Starknet Foundation
  2. Oli Freuler, Starkware
  3. Gabin Marignier, Focus Tree
  4. Chris Lexmond, Unstoppable Games
  5. Tarrence van As, Cartridge
  6. Loaf, Loot Realms

Their combined expertise will guide the committee in achieving its goals.


The Committee is tasked with designing and recommending programs to incentivize developers to build games on Starknet and to incentivize players to use them.


Phase 1 (Analysis)

– Assess ecosystem readiness and needs

– Deliverable: Ecosystem analysis report

Phase 2 (Strategy)

– Develop growth strategy and incentive programs

– Deliverable: Proposed incentive programs

Phase 3 (Execution)

– Work with Starknet Foundation to implement approved proposals

– Deliverable: Execution oversight

The Committee will meet regularly, seek feedback, and report progress to the Foundation.


50 million STRK have been earmarked to fund proposals recommended by the gaming committee.

Closing Remarks

Following the success of past committees, we believe the Gaming Committee will meaningfully expand Starknet’s gaming ecosystem.

If you would like to partner with the Committee, please contact: