November 9, 2023 · Reading Time: 2 minutes

DeFi Committee Launch: Advancing Starknet’s DeFi Progress

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The Starknet Foundation is proud to announce the selection of its Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Committee.  Chaired by six members, the Committee’s primary purpose is to bootstrap and grow the decentralized finance ecosystem on Starknet.

The DeFi Committee


The DeFi Committee’s role is to promote the growth of DeFi on Starknet.  Its success will be measured by primary metrics like TVL and daily volume traded; and by secondary metrics like spread and depth & availability of liquidity.


Decentralized finance (DeFi) is a core pillar of the Starknet ecosystem.  Starknet’s advanced architectural design positions it as an ideal platform for unique DeFi applications.  The DeFi Committee is a recognition of the importance of DeFi and the first actionable step towards focussing on its growth.


Chosen by the Starknet Foundation Board, the DeFi Committee consists of:

  1. Damian, Starknet Foundation
  2. Itamar Lesuisse, Argent
  3. Jane Ma, zkLend
  4. Mentor Reka, AVNU
  5. Richard Thomas-Pryce, Nostra
  6. Vitaly Yakovlev, ZKX

Their combined expertise sets the course for achieving the committee’s goals.


The Committee is tasked with the research, design and execution of an on-chain liquidity incentive program to position Starknet as a primary choice for both developers and users of DeFi applications.

Committee’s Roadmap

Phase 1 (Strategy)

  • Assess network readiness, core DeFi features, DeFi project support needs, and liquidity plans.
  • Deliverable: Internal strategy report for the Foundation.

Phase 2 (Monitoring & Incentives)

  • Partnering with an external firm or third party, the Committee will establish key DeFi metrics and monitoring systems.
  • Deliverable: Monitoring framework and incentive framework.

Phase 3 (Implementation)

  • Based on findings from the previous two phases, the Committee will put forward an in-depth proposal to the Foundation and the Board covering essential needs, incentives, proposed programs and anything else determined to be necessary during the course of their research.
  • Deliverable: Incentive program proposal for the Foundation.

Phase 4 (Execution Oversight and Iteration)

  • With approval from the Foundation and its Board, the Committee will oversee the execution and implementation of the proposals in this phase.
  • Deliverable: Execution oversight of the approved incentive program.

The Committee will regularly meet, seek feedback from the DeFi community, and report to the Starknet Foundation’s Executive Committee. Major decisions will be documented and approved, ensuring transparency and accountability.


The Committee has been allocated a total of 50m STRK.

Closing Remarks

Reflecting on the achievements of our past committees like EAG and the Ecosystem Onboarding Committee, we anticipate the DeFi Committee will be instrumental in bolstering Starknet’s DeFi growth.

If you think you would be a valuable partner for the DeFi Committee, please submit proposals directly to: