ecosystem background

Block explorers, indexers & Enhanced API

Explore blocks, indexers, and other metrics of Starknet transactions.


Monitoring Tools

Starknet Monitor

Starknet Monitor shows vital statistics about Starknet and core infrastructure.

Starknet Status

Starknet status provides timely status information about the health of Starknet sequencing.

Block explorers

NFTScan - NFT explorer

Seamlessly explore any NFT data on the Starknet via Starknet NFTScan.

Stark Compass

An open-source Starknet explorer.


OKLink Starknet explorer is a multi-chain aggregated blockchain explorer that allows users to search through on-chain data covering 30+ mainstream chains.


Block explorer and analytics for Starknet.


Block explorer and analytics for multiple networks including Starknet.


Block explorer and analytics for Starknet.



Apibara is an open-source data platform connecting Starknet to Web2 services

Footprint Analytics

Footprint Analytics is a data platform blending web2 and web3 data with abstractions.


DipDup is an open-source indexing stack, providing GraphQL access to decoded on-chain data, NFT balances & transfers, and app-specific collections.


Checkpoint is a library for indexing data from Starknet events and making it accessible through a GraphQL API

Token Flow

Token Flow provides fully decoded and contextualised on-chain data, including storage information and L1 / L2 messaging.

Enhanced API

An enhanced API is a set of tools designed to simplify developers’ access to complex queries on Starknet data.


Get Starknet data via the Starkscan REST API. Leverage the power of a leading Starknet block explorer in your apps.


Crosschain Infrastructure for Digital Assets Exchange: Appchain Orderbook, Starknet NFT API, NFT Indexer, Starknet NFT Bridge.

Blast Builder and NFT API

Blast Builders and NFT APIs allow straightforward access to extensive blockchain information and includes a suite of methods tailored for the Starknet ecosystem.


Leverage NFTScan's feature-rich NFT APIs for your projects.


Get all the Starknet data you need for transactions, token information, and debugging, in fewer requests.